Yalla Mediterranean has partnered with Impossible Foods to introduce restaurant patrons to a series of new plant-based Mediterranean options that are sure to have vegans and non-vegans overjoyed. The partnership, which kicked off on August 6th, brings a number of new items to Yalla’s menu, including the Impossible Plate, Impossible Wrap, and Impossible Salad.

Yalla’s culinary development team has been instrumental in the creation of the fast-casual restaurant’s menu and the addition of plant-based options, which bring new and appealing flavor profiles to complement Yalla’s existing palette of fresh and healthy Mediterranean tastes.

Yalla’s partnership with Impossible Foods aligns with Yalla’s CEO, Michael Goldberg’s intention of creating cuisine that sustains the earth and the body. “We decided as a company that we wanted to offer guests a various number of vegan options aside from our signature falafels,” says Goldberg. “We’ve experimented with several meatless proteins finding the Impossible meat to be the most flavorful and realistic for our business. Not only that, but our culinary team spent countless hours mixing Mediterranean spices to add to the protein, creating what we believe is the first of its kind in the fast-casual Mediterranean arena. We are excited that Impossible Foods shares in Yalla’s vision of cuisine that is sustainable and health conscious and look forward to introducing these new menu items to the public.”

Impossible meat derives from simple ingredients, including water, wheat protein, potato protein and coconut oil. One special ingredient — heme — contributes to the characteristic taste of the meat and catalyzes all the other flavors when the meat is cooked. Impossible meat is produced without hormones, antibiotics, cholesterol or artificial flavors.

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