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Recapping the NRA Show

As the lights went out on the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show (NRA Show) in Chicago on Tuesday, there was plenty to consider about the future of the industry.

Howard Schultz's Balancing Act

At the 94th annual National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, Starbucks Howard Schultz delivered a powerful message to the restaurant industry: profitability and conscience can exist side by side.

App Developers Boost Loyalty

As the smartphone market grows, developers of mobile phone applications are looking at creating products that will help restaurants gain and maintain the loyalty of diners, improve their guests' experience, and oversee and improve operations.

Live Basil to Freshen Up Pizza

Rick Schaden, founder and chairman of Smashburger parent company Consumer Concept Partners, offered more details on the company’s soon-to-launch fast-casual pizza brand, Live Basil Pizza, which is getting ready to open its first location in Denver.

Beverage Dealers Help Diversify

As restaurant operators look to make sure that beverages continue to be a strong and growing element of their businesses, there are plenty of drink suppliers, product developers, and manufacturers looking at ways to help them boost their sales.

Building a Culture that Works

In an age when culture means so many things that it often means nothing at all, brands are going back to their roots to build a strong organization from the inside out. Executives share the importance of a strong company culture and how to communicate it in every move a brand makes.

Fazoli's to Launch New Concept

Fazoli’s is rolling out a new fast-casual concept focusing on modern Italian fare, CEO Carl Howard announced at the NRA Show. While Fazoli’s serves up tradition Italian dishes like pastas, pizzas, and submarinos, the new modern Italian concept will resemble Chipotle in its service and menu models.

Gluten Free Picks Up Steam

Gluten-free items seem to be everywhere at this year's NRA Show. As a growing number of restaurant guests have made it clear that they want—even demand—menu items and ingredients that are free of gluten, operators have increasingly created or acquired these types of products.

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