The crowd favorite in northern California since 1995, Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop is ready to franchise nationwide.

Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop, a beloved northern California brand that has grown from one to 56 locations over the course of almost 30 years, recently announced plans to expand franchise opportunities nationwide.

“We are bringing quality back to the sandwich segment,” says Michael Nelson, CEO of Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop. “The brand is special in that it doesn’t turn to big-box vendors for its core ingredients such as its bread and best-in-class proteins—instead, we partner with artisan bakers, regional farms, and ranches to source those key products.”

Mr. Pickle’s core ingredients are unique by design. Its specialty bread isn’t bound by the sizing scrutiny seen for decades in the rest of the sandwich segment. Rather than the bland uniformity seen so often in other concepts’ breads and meats, Mr. Pickle’s prides itself on premium quality. For example, it offers the only Santa Maria Tri-Tip on the market that’s free from liquid smoke.

The menu features a range of popular hot and cold sandwiches, notably the signature Mr. Pickle sandwich: chicken breast, bacon, Monterey Jack, avocado, and veggies. It specializes in salads and catering as well, and the brand is committed to maintaining close-knit relationships with its vendors as it grows.

Mr. Pickle’s is also a leader in online ordering technology. It’s invested in infrastructure for loyalty, order, delivery, mobile, and gift programs with a goal of getting to 50 percent online sales in the next 36 months. “We have the support to make that happen without sacrificing on quality,” Nelson says.

The Mr. Pickle’s concept is well-positioned for explosive growth. In the last few months, it’s already garnered commitments for 25 additional locations in California and six in Arizona. It’s looking for experienced multi-unit restaurant franchisees across the country to sign on.

All franchisees receive strong and consistent support. “We stand with and behind our franchisees every step of the way,” Nelson says. “We use our long-term relationships with regional commercial brokers to assist with site selection. We also provide construction support, lease negotiation support, in-store training, mentorship, and more.” 

The store design is adaptable to nontraditional construction and centers—it isn’t limited to a standard rectangular space, and very little build-out is required. Mr. Pickle’s also does not use traffic counts for site selection—instead, it refers to state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology that is free for the franchisee.

“The Mr. Pickle’s leadership team has a background both as successful multi-unit franchisees for several brands in the quick-service restaurant space, as well as decades of experience in franchise leadership and support,” Nelson says. “They are marrying everything they have learned through decades of hard work into this brand to ensure its long-term success. They have systems in place that will change the game, ensuring viability and profitability.”

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By Kara Phelps

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