Profitable franchises serve frozen drinks easily with high profit margins and minimal maintenance.

With summer fast approaching, nothing quenches thirst and satisfies cravings like a frozen treat. Frozen beverages are taking over the food and beverage industry, here is why they are a must at restaurant counters this year. 

The continued rise of frozen beverage popularity comes from customers wanting convenient options when eating out, and icy treats are a popular choice. In addition to refreshing taste, their unique flavors will satisfy just about any craving. From slushies and milkshakes to smoothies or frozen cocktails, frozen beverages have something for everyone.

One reason for the popularity of frozen beverages is their incredible convenience. With the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s consumers, people are looking for quick, delicious, and refreshing on-the-go options. Frozen beverages are the perfect solution, providing a quick and easy way to satisfy thirst and cravings.

There are many benefits of offering frozen beverages, but, first and foremost, they can help increase sales and revenue. They are a high-profit margin item with minimal ingredients and labor costs. By offering a variety of flavors and sizes, restaurants can cater to different tastes and budgets, giving customers a wider selection. This can draw in new customers and increase sales of other items on the 

Another benefit of offering frozen beverages is versatility. They can be tailored to meet the preferences of a diverse customer base. Whether a restaurant is catering to health-conscious consumers with low-sugar and calorie options or offering indulgent drinks for those with a sweet tooth, frozen beverages can satisfy a diverse customer base. 

Frozen beverages make a great addition to any menu—they offer an array of benefits that can help attract new customers and build loyalty. Their convenience, flavors, and versatility will remain a popular choice for years to come.

For brands wondering what types of frozen beverages they can offer at their counters, there’s a variety of options to choose from, including slushies, frozen cocktails, smoothies, shakes, nitro, multi-flavor, and frozen carbonated drinks. All of these are highly profitable but not always easy to make.

Restaurants can say goodbye to time-consuming, messy, and complicated processes for their employees when making frozen drinks. Frozen Beverage Dispensers’ (FBD) cutting-edge equipment eliminates the need for daily disassembly and cleaning of units, which lets personnel direct their time and effort to where managers need it most. Leveraging a closed-sealed system in conjunction with Bag-in-Box (BiB) technology, FBD machines can go a year without disassembly, making frozen treat programs simple, easy, and highly profitable. The most profitable franchises across the country choose to add frozen drinks to their operation.

With over 532 equipment configurations, FBD can find the perfect setup for any sized restaurant. With FBD’s support, restaurants can develop an implementation plan, including unit setup and maintenance, ensuring the success and profitability of frozen beverage programs. 

Boasting lowest ownership costs and smallest counter space in the industry, FBD’s Frozen Program is perfect for operations of all shapes and sizes.

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