Strong unit economics and 7 a.m.–3 p.m. operating hours set this brand apart.
6 percent; no marketing fee
More than $2 million
31 with plans for 100 by 2026

There’s simply no place like Huckleberry’s in the breakfast and lunch category. Walking into a Huckleberry’s is like stepping into the bayou where diners are captivated by the weeping willow tree, sparkling of fireflies, and Zydeco music and are greeted by charming people with a genuine desire to serve guests. And the food? Huckleberry’s calls its cuisine “Southern Cookin’ With a California Twist,” and the menu is filled with signature items such as Mardi Gras Beignets, Fried Green Tomatoes, Huckleberry Stuffed French Toast, N’awlins Sandwiches, and so much more. 

Operating hours of 7 a.m.–3 p.m. assist with finding quality team members, talented managers, and multi-unit operators. Having a set schedule and the ability to be home every night helps to create work-life balance that can be quite elusive in other segments of the restaurant industry. 

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Restaurant industry veterans Heritage Restaurant Brands purchased Huckleberry’s in 2016 and, instead of immediately jumping into expansion mode, spent the first 18–24 months investing in the brand and streamlining key systems and processes. Once the blueprint for success was in place, the brand grew from seven–31 units, with plans to reach 100 restaurants by 2026. 

“We spent necessary time, energy, and resources on the very foundation of the brand before pursuing expansion,” says Heritage CEO Greg Graber. “The insights from our existing franchise owners were incredibly helpful, and their willingness to adapt and execute at a high level has positioned us well for accelerated growth.”

Huckleberry’s has a comprehensive site selection process and flexible restaurant footprint options. With flexible sizing from 3,500–5,000 sq. ft., the brand has prospered with various building types including in-line, end caps, and free-standing buildings and had particular success converting previous restaurant concepts over to Huckleberry’s.

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“The best proof that Huckleberry’s is economically appealing is that our existing franchisees continue to want to build more,” Graber says. “We’ve found tremendous value for them converting from other concepts that serve three dayparts to our 7 a.m.–3 p.m. model. AUVs went up with less operating hours, and those franchisees are very happy—and when they’re happy, we’re happy.”

The brand has set its sights on expanding throughout the U.S. and is seeking existing multi-unit operators who are looking to expand their portfolio and take advantage of this fast-growing segment within the restaurant sector. 

Multi-Unit franchisee Raman Dhillon says, “Huckleberry’s has a unique and compelling niche in the restaurant space. The unit economics, captivation ambiance, great food, and the fact that we are open for breakfast and lunch make adding more restaurants a no-brainer for us.” 

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