With top-tier service, an innovative customization approach, and exceptionally fresh ingredients, this brand is growing fast.
Bubbakoo’s Burritos
Locations: 80
Start-Up Cost: $35,000
Unit Growth: More than 200% since 2019

Across some 85 locations and 11 states, with more than 100 additional locations forthcoming, the neighborhood hangout Bubbakoo’s Burritos is rocking the skater-surfer vibe from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Founded in 2008 by industry veterans Paul Altero and Bill Hart in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, Bubbakoo’s began franchising circa 2015. According to the 2022 FDD, it has seen unit growth of more than 200 percent since 2019, as well as a $1.5 million top quartile and a $1.1 million corporate AUV.

Altero says much of that success can be attributed to the brand’s top-tier service and innovative menu, featuring complete customization from start to finish, with exceptionally fresh ingredients and bold flavors.

“With more than 20 toppings and Signature Sauces, there is something for everyone,” Altero says. “Bubbakoo’s also has created eight Signature Creations, from the Hibachi Steak and Shrimp Burrito to General Tso’s Chicken Tacos and Buffalo Beef Chiwawa. Nowhere else can you find the beach and skate vibe paired with fresh and delicious food.”

Franchisees can expect to be fully supported with fundraising initiatives, marketing, location, and supplier assistance, as well as headquarter-based training and field support. The brand focuses its training on three foundations that will ensure success: operating systems, people systems, and financial systems.

In addition to financial requirements and acumen, when vetting a candidate, Bubbakoo’s seeks operational excellence, which entails strong leadership, management, and people skills within the industry; effective team communication; and a positive attitude to foster a successful partnership.

Smart expansion is also top of mind. “As Bubbakoo’s grows its footprint, we are laser-focused on making sure our restaurants are built to handle new customer preferences, which is why we just upgraded our digital ordering platform,” Hart says, adding they’ll continue to invest within the technology deck, rolling out AI and loyalty solutions that set up operators for long-term success while delivering products the way guests prefer to engage with the brand.

The franchisees are reaping the benefits of this technology and innovation. “The recent digital was a significant upgrade from the previous platform,” says Steve Harrison, who owns three New Jersey locations. “The integration with third-party sites and catering creates a singular base to handle everything, from reporting and orders to drivers and out-of-stock items. The brand has created a cult-like following with its customers, and you can feel the momentum and energy growing. It’s amazing to be a part of the growth and excitement.”

Hart couldn’t agree more: “At Bubbakoo’s, our food and culture come directly from our mission to ‘Create Something Different’ by providing fresh, quality food and rockstar service in a clean, energetic, and fun environment.” 

To learn more, visit bubbakoos.com/franchiseopportunities.

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