“Inspiration began with the development of our seasonal offerings. We researched what produce thrives in the summer sun and how we can best present it. Summer encompasses eating fresh, vibrant food that tends to be on the lighter side and really lends itself to grilling. Because summer ushers in this delicious produce to savor, I thought a vegetarian offering would truly highlight those delectable veggies. I ended up creating a refreshing but hearty salad.

“Arugula has a pleasant lemony and pepper flavor that adds tons of character to a dish, unlike other greens from a more neutral spectrum. The corn is grilled, and that offers a distinctive depth of flavor from the char and balances the natural sweetness of the corn. The cauliflower tabbouleh has a noticeable harmony of acid from the lemon juice and sweetness from the turmeric. This all plays off extremely well with the arugula and corn. The tomato-tahini vinaigrette is one of my favorites. It has a nice tangy pop with richness from nutty tahini that brings all the elements of the dish together, from the falafel to the greens to the veggies. The feta adds a creamy flavor and mouthfeel—but never fear, vegans, this dish is still delicious sans cheese.

“The Summer Corn & Falafel Salad is a well-balanced and refreshing dish that has been well received by guests. They enjoy the ease of picking a dish that was curated for them; it takes the guesswork out. Corn has been one of our biggest hits as a vegetable offering, so guests were definitely excited for its return.”

—Kate Schirm

Culinary Director, VERTS

The Players:

• Arugula

• Falafel

• Grilled corn

• Cauliflower

• Tabbouleh

• Carrot slaw

• Feta

• Tomato and tahini vinaigrette

• Pita crunch

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