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Consumer Trends

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Americans are building up a resistance to long-standing, one-dimensional flavors in favor of complex pairings, global ingredients, and interesting


The National Restaurant Association (NRA) each year prepares its What’s Hot culinary forecast of menu trends for the coming year.


A recently released Harvard study on the health benefits of eating nuts confirmed what health-conscious consumers already know—that nuts are good f


Subway Restaurants and MTV released the results of a joint survey uncovering new insights into Millennial generation health perceptions.  According


New research from the National Restaurant Association (NRA) found that 33 million Americans will rely on restaurants for all or parts of their Than


First Lady Michelle Obama recently embarked on a new campaign that encourages kids to drink more water, something they don’t do a lot of now, repor


Restaurant Sciences LLC, an independent firm that tracks food and beverage product sales throughout the foodservice industry in North America, rele


After several years of servings declines at restaurants and other foodservice channels, soup has regained its favor with U.S.


Creating a simple brand image can be quite complicated—but it may also pay off.


Restaurant visits on a deal or discount increased across all segments in the first nine months of 2013 after declining in 2012, according to the NP