What happens when a New York City chef and an employee of a grass-fed meat company create a restaurant concept? Untamed Sandwiches, which boasts high quality and integrity, with speed and convenience for busy New York office workers.

The focus at Untamed is sustainably raised, braised meats and produce. The long, slow cook time allows layers of flavor to develop, and those proteins are paired with vegetables, spices, starches, and sauces with a run-wild creativity. “We like to say we take our food seriously, but not ourselves,” says cofounder Andy Jacobi, citing menu examples such as the Red Dreidel, a Chinese-Jewish amalgam with Peking duck, Gruyère, pickled radicchio, and a spicy jam with habanero pepper. “The balance of focusing on top-quality ingredients and a traditional, expert-led cooking process, combined with a fun, creative process, is what leads to innovation.”

Jacobi cofounded the now-three-unit brand with chef Ricky King in 2014 (King is no longer involved with the business). He says customers are willing to try new things if there is still a sense of familiarity.

“The beauty of a sandwich is its simplicity; no matter what you do to it, the best sandwiches contain great bread and a combination of flavors and textures that elicit the most satisfaction people can get from food,” Jacobi says.

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