Aloha Poke Co. announced today the opening of a new Aloha Poke fast-casual restaurant in the state of Wisconsin. The new Aloha Poke location will be located in the Mequon Public Market.  Mequon Public Market is a community-focused multi-vendor market brimming with restaurants and specialty shopping. The Mequon Public Market location is the third for Aloha Poke demonstrating the success of the concept’s brand promise to offer fast, fresh-packed sushi-grade fish and Hawaiian-inspired raw ingredients.

“Aloha Poke Co is excited and extremely proud to open its third Wisconsin location,” says Chris Birkinshaw, CEO, Aloha Poke Co. “We are happy that the people of Wisconsin have welcomed poke as a delicious, nutritious, healthy food option, especially at a time of heightened awareness around consuming fresh vegetables and raw ingredients to help boost immune systems.”

The Aloha Poke expansion in Wisconsin is driven by a successful joint venture between Aloha Poke corporate and Aloha Wisconsin JV LLC. The first location was opened in 2018 in the Historic and trendy Third Ward of downtown Milwaukee and immediately gained popularity among the local creatives and visitors. The second location, opened in Wauwatosa during the height of the COVID-19 global pandemic in 2020 and has thrived through its offering of fresh, nutritious food choices with the latest store returning to Milwaukee proper.

“We feel like we are on the right side of the food trend, which is toward fresh, healthy alternatives that taste great,” says Tom Wang, co-owner, Aloha Wisconsin JV LLC. “This past year has been a difficult one for restaurants, but we’ve been able to expand in Wisconsin because of our belief in the product and our amazing partnership with Aloha Poke Co. We look forward to many more opportunities for growth.”

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