Beans & Brews Coffeehouse announced another significant milestone in its Texas expansion journey. The brand inked a multi-unit development deal with James Reed to introduce the Beans & Brews experience to South Houston.

Reed’s entrepreneurial journey with Beans & Brews Coffeehouse marks the brand’s continued expansion into the Texas market. Beans & Brews Coffeehouse recently signed new development deals in San Antonio and Austin to open 40 new coffeehouses. Additional multi-unit agreements have also been signed in Dallas and Houston TX.

“We’re excited to welcome James to our family of franchisees and look forward to witnessing the growth and success of Beans & Brews in South Houston,” says Chad Gretzema, CEO of Beans & Brews Coffeehouse. “With our commitment to quality and guest experience, we are confident that James and his team will create memorable moments for coffee lovers in the region.”

Reed, a United States Marine Corps veteran with 25 years of experience in the auto industry, recognized the gap in Houston’s coffee market when he transferred to the area for work. Having been a loyal Beans & Brews Coffeehouse patron for the past 30 years in Sandy, Utah, Reed saw the potential to introduce the brand’s exceptional coffee and inviting atmosphere to his new home.

“I am eager to bring the Beans & Brews legacy to South Houston and introduce the community to the exceptional coffee that defines the brand,” Reed says. “Customers will enjoy the quality of our high-altitude roasted coffee. Beans & Brews is passionate about everything that goes into making a good cup of coffee.”

Reed is actively scouting prime locations elsewhere in the southern Houston suburbs, including Webster, Friendswood, and League City, to ensure that Beans & Brews Coffeehouse becomes an integral part of these communities. He plans to open his first location next year.

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