Centerplate, the largest hospitality partner to North America's premier sports stadiums, convention centers, and entertainment venues, is proud to announce its exclusive hospitality menu for Super Bowl XLVI, held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

In more than 250 venues nationwide, Centerplate prides itself on bold, chef-inspired cuisine grounded in treasured local flavors. And the Super Bowl XLVI menu is no different–a collection of traditional Heartland dishes re-imagined by Centerplate's award winning chefs.

For guests in Lucas Oil Stadium's suites, including ownership from all 32 NFL teams, Centerplate will delight fans with a menu worthy of the year's biggest game:

  • Braised Buffalo Short Ribs: Natural Buffalo in classic French braise
  • Heartland Farm Table: Local vegetable salad selections, including Grilled Trumpet Mushrooms with Parmesan vinaigrette, Roasted Root Vegetable, and Roasted and Pickled Cabbage Slaw
  • Chef-designed Chicken Pot Pie: A home-style dish of chicken, pearl onions, and carrots, topped with a flaky crust.    
  • M&M bowls for each team owner, two bowls in team colors


Fans throughout the rest of Lucas Oil Stadium will also get a taste of local Indianapolis favorites:

  • Fried Pork Tenderloin Sandwich, an Indy classic
  • Indianapolis Shrimp Cocktail, based on Indy's legendary fresh horseradish root cocktail sauce
  • Home-style Pot Roast Sandwich

"At Centerplate, we know this game is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most fans, so we pulled out all the stops to craft a hospitality plan worthy of sport's biggest stage," says Greg Fender, executive vice president of Centerplate.

"We took everything into consideration–food that truly reflected Indiana's unique home-style hospitality, iconic local dishes like the fried pork tenderloin, and food that's football friendly, no knives required. Even our braised short-rib is so tender, you can eat it with a fork."

Not only will Centerplate delight fans with world-class hospitality, it will be doing so on an unprecedented scale.

During Super Bowl Week, Centerplate will provide hospitality services for more than 200,000 fans at the NFL Experience, feed and fuel parties at the Bud Light Hotel, and cater meals across downtown Indianapolis. In all, Centerplate expects to serve almost 300,000 fans, at 10 different venues.

"I can say with confidence that no other hospitality company could provide this level of world-class service, quality, and scale," says COO Chris Verros.

"Our Executive Chef, Orlando Morales, has overseen two Super Bowls. Centerplate has now played host to 13 Super Bowls in total. And this level of experience and expertise shows in everything thing we do, from menu design, to staff training, to pricing."

Fun Food Facts for Super Bowl XLVI:

  • Total number of guests served: Anticipating 288,000
  • Total number of Centerplate staff: 4,500
  • Total number of chefs required: 40
  • Total number of chefs from out of state: 23 (from seven different states, and Canada)
  • Total pounds of fresh potato chips: 4,600
  • Total pounds of nacho chips: 10,000
  • Total pounds of hamburger: 4,500
  • Total pounds of chicken fingers: 35,000
  • Total gallons of BBQ sauce: 300
  • Refrigeration needed: 11 trailers, each 53 feet long, plus 400,000 cubic feet of refrigerated storage
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