Coolgreens is set to begin fueling the Orlando community with food that “feeds your life” this fall through the brand’s first virtual kitchen.

Coolgreens CEO Robert Lee announced that the brand has executed a franchise agreement with Humza and Fariha Idrees to open two Coolgreens in Orlando. The first will open in a virtual kitchen space in October, and then a brick-and-mortar restaurant will follow in 2021.

Located in Central Orlando, Coolgreens will operate in a multi-functional shared kitchen facility. Guests in the city and surrounding suburbs can order healthy lifestyle foods like salads, wraps, sandwiches and grain bowls for delivery only. Coolgreens will work with five major third-party delivery partners to serve a 20-mile radius.

“We are thrilled to introduce Coolgreens to the Orlando community,” Humza Idrees says. “Now more than ever, Coolgreens is set up to succeed. It’s a brand that evolves and innovates in order to match both current and future market trends. Right now, consumers want to eat their favorite restaurant food, but many feel most comfortable doing it in their own homes. We feel we can fill this need by offering Coolgreens for delivery through a virtual kitchen. Our flavorful, healthier food is a largely untapped delivery option, and we will be able to serve a much greater trade area. We can’t wait to begin delivering Coolgreens’ delicious items to the Orlando area.”

After serving as director of marketing and operations for Tesla in Minneapolis, Idrees started looking into other businesses that aligned with his personal goals of living a healthy life. He and Fariha moved to Orlando in early 2020 and sought out Coolgreens. Idrees said his forte is reading trends and understanding what drives consumer behavior. Because Coolgreens has stayed ahead of the business curve, he saw a promising future for the brand.

Though businesses will continue to see peaks and troughs for the remainder of this year, Idrees said he is confident of success by getting started now.

“As an entrepreneur, I know there is a special opportunity here even during a pandemic,” Idrees adds. “There is a need for Coolgreens’ nutritious, chef-inspired menu in Orlando. My wife and I are excited to become part of Coolgreens and encourage our new community to join us in leading a healthy lifestyle.”

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