DTT Surveillance announced an exclusive surveillance partnership with Cold Stone Creamery franchisee, Four Dips, LLC. 

The installations at all Wisconsin-based Four Dips restaurants were recently completed, concluding the enterprise-wide rollout of DTT’s loss prevention solution. DTT provides a wide array of managed services to the Cold Stone franchise community. 

Cold Stone is using surveillance cameras, SmartAudits, video exception reports, operations alerts, and other loss prevention services to ensure the greatest experience for their customers.

Also included is video integration to the point-of-sale system in every location to guarantee integrity of each guest transaction. Actionable information about each restaurant operation is delivered daily through reports to the management team.

Four Dips franchisee Scott Knepper noted his satisfaction with DTT, saying, “As a business owner, I have very high demands and unfortunately, seldom are my requirements met. Since installing the [DTT] system I have seen a significant improvement in our operation overall with regards to portion size control, employee theft, and food costs, to name a few. With DTT, I have more control over my business and can more easily manage my locations remotely.”

Thomas Moran, DTT’s Executive Vice President, says, “We are proud to be working with Four Dips and the entire Cold Stone Creamery franchise community. DTT worked very closely with the Cold Stone Creamery team at Four Dips to create a solution that best fit their business operations. By focusing on all aspects of the Cold Stone restaurant, DTT was able to design a system with loss prevention services targeted exactly for their needs.”

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