Farm Burger today announced its newest menu item, the Catfish Sandwich, created with an invasive species of catfish causing ecological issues in Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay. The Catfish Sandwich will be available at all Farm Burger locations (excluding the Mercedes-Benz Stadium) starting March 5, just in time for the Lenten season.

The sandwich features crispy Blue Catfish topped with FB slaw and housemade pickled jalapeños, served with a side of Old Bay fries. In keeping with Farm Burger’s progressive and sustainable sourcing model, the Catfish Sandwich supports the aquatic ecosystem by helping to reduce the invasive population.

Blue Catfish were introduced to the Chesapeake Bay region in the 1970’s and are now considered an invasive species. With long lifespans and few natural predators, Blue Catfish threaten the native populations of menhaden fish, blue crabs and other species that are important to the region’s ecosystem and economy.

“We had been looking for a way to incorporate sustainable seafood onto the menu for a while, knowing that much of the seafood served in restaurants is endangered,” says Jason Mann, co-founder and CEO of Farm Burger. “At Farm Burger, our goal is always to do right by people and planet. If this offering can spark a conversation among people who may not be aware of this environmental issue, that’s positive momentum in my opinion.”

Founded in 2010, Farm Burger is a better burger restaurant group committed to leading the fast casual industry in forging a sustainable food future through ethical eating. At its 12 locations nationwide, Farm Burger crafts 100 percent grassfed, grass-finished beef burgers, dry-aged and ground fresh, as well as other menu items made with local and sustainably sourced ingredients.

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