Frontline International, a leading provider of Smart Oil Management systems for waste oil, oil filtration, and fresh oil, was presented at the 10th International Hotel Expo held in Macau. With equipment in more than 26,000 locations around the world, Frontline serves over 250 clients, including most major chains. The company’s international presence and brand reputation drove the invitation to present.

“We were very excited to have the opportunity to present to this group,” says Giovanni Brienza, vice president of Frontline International. “In light of the recent gutter oil scandal — used cooking oil that is discarded into the sewer systems and then collected and sold back to restaurants — that has plagued parts of Asia, secure and safe oil management is of premium importance here. Our international customers have a growing need for our equipment, and we were happy to have a chance to showcase the solutions Frontline offers, which can be incorporated into just about any restaurant.”

Frontline’s presentation highlighted their Smart Oil Management solutions including the automated Direct-Plumbed waste oil system that stops the gutter oil problem at its source: waste oil travels from the fryer to the containment tank, completely hands-free. And with Frontline’s EZ Oil Fresh Oil Dispensing System, the fryer can be automatically filled with fresh oil by just pressing a button, or by using the EZ Oil dispensing wand. Frontline also described a tool they offer to test fresh oil, via a special instrument gauge. This gauge can be used not only to detect the presence of tainted gutter oil, but also to inform the restaurateur when it is time to change out used oil for fresh.

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