Hopdoddy Burger Bar announced a partnership with Austin-based innovation agency T3 to revamp and revolutionize the eatery’s web and mobile experience. Hopdoddy is hallmarked by hospitality, and T3 has been brought in to ensure the online-ordering practice reflects the company’s exceptional customer experience and fosters the fun, fresh vibe of the restaurant.

“Our intent was to find more than just a short-term technical solution,” says Terry Haley, chief growth officer of Hopdoddy. “We partnered with T3 to help us build new and optimize existing tech solutions that will continue to drive sales, delight our guests, and streamline our operations.”

T3 has vast experience in doing just that, working with brands like 7-Eleven to enhance existing technology by way of a proprietary restaurant accelerator, which combines best-in-class customer experience with loyalty practices to provide a nimble technology solution. Armed with the accelerator, T3 will help Hopdoddy guarantee that their passion to bring you burgers made with fresh, all-natural ingredients prepared by hand remains steadfast whether you’re there in person or picking it up on the go. No matter the location, you’re sure to get the Hopdoddy hospitality.

“Hopdoddy’s in-store experience is unique, fun and fosters loyalty,” says Ben Gaddis, T3 President. “Our goal is to connect the dots and recreate that experience online and through mobile ordering.”

T3’s ability to produce purposeful content for useful brands continues to make an impact on the restaurant industry and beyond. With new business wins, including the entire FOCUS Brands portfolio as well as Sprinkles Cupcakes, the agency’s proven think tank approach to problem solving has contributed to 2017’s unprecedented growth. With the Hopdoddy partnership, T3 collaborates with another Texas born and bred business to continue exceeding expectations for clients and consumers alike.

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