Jamba Juice Company and Systems Services of America (SSA) announced the formation of a supply chain distribution alliance for service on the West Coast of the United States.

The alliance is expected to enable greater supply chain efficiencies and enhance service to existing Jamba Juice locations, while broadening the reach Jamba has into new territories as it considers its future growth opportunities.

“Jamba is constantly looking for new ways to reduce costs and increase productivity through access to value-added resources and technology,” says James White, chairman, president, and CEO of Jamba Juice Company. “We believe that this alliance will provide greater supply chain efficiencies and enhanced service to Jamba Juice outlets, as well as facilitate rapid supply distribution in the face of our anticipated growth into new regions.”

SSA is recognized as one of the leading innovative chain account distributors operating four western distribution centers and serving nine western states.

“We are dedicated to serving Jamba’s restaurants on the West Coast with superior customer service using cutting-edge technology and freight management tools supplied through our sister company GAMPAC,” says Tim Holland, president and CEO, Systems Services of America.

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