Just in time for National Hamburger Day on May 28, Burger King is revealing each state’s preferences around its flagship Whopper sandwich. Which states can’t be topped when it comes to the most satisfying combinations, and which are purists when it comes to ordering habits? Which states are just extra? And just how many Whopper sandwiches can one guest order in a single visit?

From East Coast to West Coast and everywhere in between, Burger King has broken down 2022 sales data to find out which hamburger-loving states really reign supreme. Curious who purchased the most Whopper sandwiches in 2022? Look no further than the Land of Enchantment: New Mexico is officially “The Champ,” ordering more sandwiches than any other state last year. 


The Doubler State: North Carolina ordered the most Double Whopper sandwiches.

The Tripler State: Montana ran away with the most Triple Whopper sandwiches ordered out of every state in 2022.

The Plant Based Lover State: It’s “Impossible” not to love the Islands of Aloha, especially since Hawaii orders more Impossible Whopper sandwiches than any other state.

The Record Breaker State: Maryland set the record for the most Whopper sandwiches sold over the course of a single day last year.

The Biggest Appetite State: … but not to be upstaged is Ohio. One Guest on one day in 2022 ordered more than 700 Whopper sandwiches in a single transaction.


The Most Extra State: Mississippians are EXTRA – ordering extra ketchup and mayo and onions and adding mustard and cheese to their Whopper sandwiches.

The Meat-on-Meatless State: Look, no judgment, but Rhode Islanders more than any other state add bacon to their Impossible™ Whopper sandwiches.

The Curator (Most Accustomed to Customizations) State: Almost half of all Louisianans customize their Whopper sandwiches.

The Cheesiest State: West Virginians – almost three fourths of ‘em, even – add cheese to their Whopper sandwiches, the most cheese-lovin’ additions out of every state (Sorry, Wisconsin).

The Sweetest & Spiciest State: It’s true what they say, everything is bigger AND sweeter AND spicier in Texas; Texans add more BBQ sauce and jalapeños to their Whopper sandwiches than anyone else.

The Condiment Swapping State: Oklahomans love their tang – as the state adding mustard the most to their Whopper sandwiches (while also being the state that removes ketchup the most).

The Bacon Lover State: Floridians love to add a little crunch to their Whopper sandwiches, adding more bacon than any other state.

The Tomayto, Tomahto State: However you prefer to say it, South Dakotans choose their Whopper sandwiches without tomatoes.

The Flame-Grilled Patty Purist State: Tennesseans love their Whopper sandwiches with no toppings – honestly, we don’t blame them for only wanting to enjoy that flame-grilled taste without any other ingredients.


The Late-Night Adventurer State: Kansans love that late-night grub (ordering the most Whopper sandwiches after 8 p.m.) – who doesn’t want to dream of Whopper sandwiches?

The Early Bird State: Looks like Arizona took “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” to heart, ordering the most Whopper sandwiches before 10:30 a.m.

The Speedster (Most Digitally Savvy) State: Call it digitally savvy or not wanting to wait in line – New Jerseyans know how to get their food quickly, ordering the most Whopper sandwiches ahead via the BK App.

The Battle of the Side Hustle States: For all those seeking the perfect combination to go with their Whopper sandwich, watch out – New Mexico (Whopper, U.S.A.) knows where it’s at when it comes to fries, but Hawaii (more than any other state) orders their Whopper sandwiches with onion rings. Not to be outdone, Alaska (more than any other state) orders Chicken Fries with their Whopper sandwiches and Vermont does it with a shake.

“The distinctive taste and quality of the Whopper comes down to what we’ve been doing differently for nearly 70 years – flame grilling,” says Pat O’Toole, Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King North America. “With more than 200,000 ways to customize the iconic sandwich, we encourage our Guests to have their flame-grilled Whopper just the way they like it – whether that means a creative combination or a straight-up classic. ‘You Rule’ and so does your Whopper order.”

In honor of National Hamburger Day, Burger King is offering all Royal Perks members a free hamburger with any $1 purchase in the BK App and through bk.com from May 26 – 28.

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