Project Juice, the fast-growing, certified organic cold-pressed juice and clean food company, continues its celebration of spring with the launch of its new menu for the season, developed by Project Juice’s plant-powered head chef and director of product development, Sascha Weiss, a veteran plant-based food expert in the Bay Area.

Formerly the personal chef to George Lucas and his family, as well as the founding chef at The Plant Café Organic, Weiss continues to bring his visionary menus to life each season at Project Juice, creating simple, delicious dishes, with a nutritionally balanced profiles. All the dishes are made with 100 percent organic, non-GMO produce and are soy, gluten and dairy free.

“I’m really excited about all the new menu items,” Weiss says. “Springtime brings with it some of my favorite ingredients, which I weaved into the menu, bringing to life a super clean, balanced menu with personal favorites that I could eat every day.”

Falafel Kale Salad: Full of Chef Weiss’ favorite ingredients for this season, this savory salad is bright and light, and a protein powerhouse, combining chia and chickpea falafel, kale and mint-seasoned quinoa for an homage to the shores of the Mediterranean. It is finished with gut-healthy pickled red onion, perfectly salty Kalamata olives and a creamy lemon-tahini dressing.

Thai Mango Kelp Noodles: A delicious balancing act is perfectly achieved with the sweetness of mango alongside spiced cashews and the tart lime featured in the cilantro lime dressing. Kelp noodles make this dish super clean, with their relatively high levels of dietary fiber, which add bulk to the dish without all the calories of traditional noodles.  Inspired by his travels to Southeast Asia, Chef Weiss finished the dish with thinly sliced watermelon relish and crunchy carrots. 

Tiramisu Chia Pudding: Gut-health is one of the most important keys to overall health and wellness, and Chef Weiss serves it here among a favorite dessert profile. Healthy enough for breakfast, but indulgent enough to satisfy any sweet tooth, this protein packed pudding combines cold brewed coffee with house-made coconut yogurt, toasted almonds and good-for-you cacao nibs.

Working with the amazing local, organic farmers of the Bay Area, who share his passion for the environment and his focus on health, he is excited to share these new flavors with the community.

The fall seasonal grab-and-go menu ranges from $6.95 to $10.95 and is now available at all Project Juice locations in the Bay Area.

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