Project Juice, the fast-growing, certified organic cold-pressed juice and clean food company, is launching its most nutrient dense seasonal cold-pressed juice to-date for winter—Winter Detox—developed by chief of development and head chef, Sascha Weiss.

With low fruit and vegetable sugar levels, the 100 percent organic, non-GMO Winter Detox juice combines burdock root and dandelion greens, two nutritional powerhouses not often seen in cold-pressed juices. Even with the strong flavor profiles of the burdock and dandelion, incredible balance is achieved with the addition of cucumber and coconut water, which lend a clean, fresh, melon-like taste to the blend.

“I’m really excited about this juice—I’m always looking for ways to incorporate more bitter greens into our juices, because of their nutritional impact,” Weiss says. “According to Chinese medicine, burdock root has such energetic strength, it can grow through a rock.”

Benefits of Winter Detox:

Dandelion: This bitter green is a member of the sunflower family, and works to support the liver in completing its daily detoxifying tasks. First referenced as medicinal in the 10th century, it’s rich in vitamins C and B6, and can be instrumental in building bone health with high levels of vitamin K.

Burdock Root: This root has been shown to be a blood purifier, with an active ingredient that may help reduce the presence of heavy metals in the blood. In addition, burdock has high levels of potassium and acts as a diuretic, again aiding the kidney and liver in their daily functions.

Cucumber: Super hydrating and mild, cucumber helps promote skin health by flushing excess water from cells, which is important during the winter when our skin takes a beating from weather conditions.

Lemon: Alkalizing and detoxifying, lemon fights free radicals, stimulates digestion and increases circulation.

Young coconut water: Balancing electrolytes help the body retain hydration.

Winter Detox retails for $9 and is available at Project Juice stores in the Bay Area and Southern California, as well as part of a Custom Juice Pack or Seasonal Reset Cleanse.

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