QSR Automations, a global leader in kitchen automation and guest management services, partnered with Curbit. This partnership will improve guest experience through optimized online ordering and pickup. Curbit coordinates between kitchen activity and online ordering systems to provide guests with a real-time order status and streamlined pickup process, while QSR Automations’ ConnectSmart platform maximizes kitchen efficiency by prioritizing orders based on order times and guests’ proximity. The result is happier customers and a more profitable business.

“Demand for digital ordering has resulted in a misalignment between order timing and kitchen activity,” says Scott Siegel of Curbit. “We use machine learning to synchronize arrivals with food production leveraged from QSR’s real-time data. “When we couple ConnectSmart’s order prioritization features, we’re able to make drastic improvements to the off-premises experience.”

Curbit dynamically updates quote times in the digital channels based on kitchen capacity. Once an order is placed, Curbit’s technology provides the guest with an accurate ready-time using real-time data, which manages guest expectations. As the order progresses, guests receive updated pickup times, so they know exactly when to expect their meal, reducing the potential for quality items to go cold while sitting on a shelf. Meanwhile, ConnectSmart capabilities ensure order fulfillment is always based on priority, reducing kitchen waste and minimizing stress and strain on staff.

Front of house staff is provided a clear view of when and where to deliver each order, while guests are queued in a virtual drive-thru to the desired handoff destination. This hassle-free and consistent process supports the demands of the modern pickup experience. 

Fresher food and reduced wait times encourage repeat visits, resulting in higher revenue, while fewer refunds and streamlined operations decrease costs.

“Encouraging repeat visits from diners and maximizing efficiency will be the two most critical factors in helping restaurants weather the economic uncertainty of 2023,” says Jennifer Karpinsky from QSR Automations. “Together Curbit and QSR Automations will make a critical difference for thousands of restaurant operators, and that’s something we are really proud of.”

Curbit is just one of several Solution Partnerships that QSR Automations has engaged with to improve guest experience

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