Customer satisfaction with Full Service Restaurants dropped from 83 to 78 on a scale of 0 to 100 – an all-time low for restaurants, and the largest decline for any industry since 2008.

Smaller restaurants and local establishments shouldered most of the loss. In a fragile economy, price plays a greater role than it would otherwise, and customer satisfaction with Quick Service Restaurants is up for the second year in a row (75).

Fast food restaurants continue to benefit from the weak economy, whilst full-service restaurants are suffering,” says James Rudd, managing director of CFI Group UK.

Many full service restaurants resort to deep-discounting promotions, which may draw customers in, but does not guarantee they’ll come back.”

In order to win customer loyalty, Full Service Restaurants need to beat fast food in customer satisfaction.

Full service restaurants still beat out quick service restaurants in customer satisfaction (78 versus 75), but the gap is shrinking.

Additional Findings:

  •           Highest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Greggs
  •           Best Ambiance: Nando’s
  •           Most Child-Friendly: McDonald’s


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