Snowdays Shaved Cream Co., the New York City concept that has revolutionized the frozen dessert industry, has announced plans to expand with national franchising opportunities. The brand, which serves shaved cream—a frozen treat that pairs the creaminess of ice cream with the fluffy texture of snow, under 200-calories per serving—is currently seeking qualified franchisees in the southwest, southeast and in Southern California’s metro markets.

Owner and founder Tony Quach conceived the idea with inspiration from Asia’s shaved ice desserts found in countries like Taiwan, Korea and the Philippines. Quach sought to innovate the traditional treat, combining it with low fat dairy to achieve the light, fluffy texture of snow along with the rich, creamy taste of ice cream. Available in a wide assortment of flavors, including Yetitracks, Chocolate, NY Cheesecake, Green Tea Matcha and vegan flavors, all of the company’s offerings come guilt-free at just 200 calories per serving. Guests may choose to add multiple toppings and drizzles to their selection.

Since opening their flagship store in East Village in 2014, the brand has expanded with three more locations across New York City. Heralded by top publications like Nation’s Restaurant News—who featured the concept on its cover; Food Network; Bon Appétit; Vogue; and Harper’s Bazaar; the concept has become a cult favorite known for offering healthier alternatives to ice cream and frozen yogurt.

“At Snowdays we pride ourselves on a model that keeps customers coming back,” says Quach. “Continual evolution of our menu and proprietary recipes, coupled with excellent service, creates a unique experience that our customers love. Through franchise expansion, we hope to put smiles on the faces of customers nationwide.”

Snowdays currently has four corporate locations in New York City with plans to franchise up to eight more locations this year. The brand hopes to achieve 25-30 franchised locations within the next three years.

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