Professional Disposables International Inc. (PDI) has introduced a new line of commercial-grade table wipes, Table Turners, and announced the redesign of the packaging for its entire roster of consumer and commercial hand and surface wipe products. They also introduced a new division, Sani Professional, which was formerly known as Nice-Pak Commercial.

According to CEO Zachary Julius of PDI, the parent company of Sani Professional, the launch of the renamed division helps to align the foodservice industry values with products that are appropriate, effective, and efficient.

“Fifty years ago, we brought you the original Wet Nap,” says Julius. “Back then, we never envisioned this line of products for the foodservice sector. Today, we are not just a Wet Nap company. As the industry has changed, we have adapted. Now, we offer a whole line of products that are ideal for front and back of house so that the end user gets the best experience possible, delivering increased guest loyalty and frequency. Sani Professional’s new division brings fierce competition.”

Table Turners are durable, pre-moistened all-purpose wipes, designed to replace the less sanitary cloth rags traditionally used in restaurants and other foodservice industries. They are specially formulated to reduce streaking and odors. The single-use Table Turners are intended to prevent cross contamination, which can occur with standard rag-and-bucket cleaning methods, and are also more effective at picking up dirt particulates.

In addition to Table Turners, other products included in the launch of the Sani Professional Division include Sani Hands Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes, Sani-Hands for Kids Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes, Sani-Wipe No Rinse Hard Non-Porous Surface Sanitizing Wipes, Sani-Surface Bathroom Disinfectant Wipes, and Giant Wet-Nap Moist Towelettes.