Chain: Blimpie

Blimpie Signs Growth Deal in Singapore

The international development of Blimpie is set to grow within the Southeast Asian region. Kahala Brands, the parent company of Blimpie, has collaborated with Deelish Brands Pte Ltd to open the Blimpie brand in Singapore. Deelish Brands is a Singapore-based restaurant management company. The company operates in the fast-casual restaurant sector, focusing on brands that […]

Blimpie Unveils 2 New Italian Flatbread Sandwiches

Blimpie is adding some Italian culinary history to its menu with two new piadina Italian flatbread sandwiches, an authentic Italian street food that dates back to ancient Roman times. The Meatball & Sausage Piadina and the Chicken Cheddar Bacon Ranch Piadina will be available beginning February 6, for a limited time. The Meatball & Sausage […]

Blimpie’s New Hot Heroes Celebrate the Holidays

Blimpie, America’s Sub Shop, is helping customers stay warm over the holidays with three Hot Heroes starting November 7. During this limited time offer, Blimpie guests can enjoy the Meatball Parmigiana, the Sicilian Panini, and a fresh take on the Cuban, featuring a new mojito aioli. Steve Evans, vice president of marketing for Blimpie, says […]

Just in Time for Summer, Blimpie Fires Up BBQ

Blimpie, the iconic American sandwich chain, announced the creation of new Bigger, Better BBQ sandwiches featuring three bold and flavorful subs: The Spicy Piggy, The Twisted Piggy, and The BBQ Chick. As part of the limited-time Bigger, Better BBQ offer, which begins on June 6, Blimpie customers can try Sriracha Glaze and Sweet Baby Ray's […]

Blimpie to Celebrate 52nd Birthday with Deal

To celebrate Blimpie's 52nd birthday, stores nationwide will serve big flavor at 1960s prices on April 4. The first 100 customers who head to any Blimpie location on April 4 will be able to order a regular-sized Blimpie Best for just 52 cents—a price point symbolizing 52 years serving loyal customers as “America's Sub Shop.” Steve Evans, vice president of […]

Blimpie Features Meat-Heavy ‘Blimp’ LTO

Blimpie introduced its newest, biggest premium sub, which features generous portions of turkey, roast beef, salami, pepperoni, and proscuittini dressed with provolone, pickles, onion, mayo with oil, vinegar, oregano, crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and sweet peppers. The promotion will run through April 3. Steve Evans, vice president of marketing for Blimpie, says sub fans are […]

Blimpie’s LTO Features Flavor-Forward Bread

Blimpie, the iconic American sandwich chain, has recently announced the Everything Italian promotion, featuring a flavorful new bread paired with several of Blimpie's delicious subs. This limited-time offer will begin on July 6 and run through October 5. Blimpie's brand new Everything Bread, a savory sub roll made with a mix of sesame and poppy seeds and […]

Blimpie’s Celebrates 51st Birthday with 51-Cent Sub

To celebrate Blimpie’s 51st birthday, stores nationwide will serve up big flavor at 1960s prices on Thursday, April 2. The first 100 customers who head to any Blimpie location on April 2will be able to order a fan-favorite, a regular-sized Blimpie Best for just 51 cents—a price point symbolizing 51 years of proudly serving loyal […]

Blimpie Celebrates 50 with Hoboken Hero

Blimpie continues its 50th birthday celebration with the roll out of the Hoboken Hero, a savory Italian sub sandwich packed with pepperoni, salami, prosciuttini, and provolone. The sub is a limited-time offer, available in stores nationwide until October 5, 2014. The inspiration for the Hoboken Hero comes from Blimpie’s beginnings in Hoboken, New Jersey, where […]

Land O’Frost Partners with Blimpie

Land O'Frost, the nation's largest family-owned packaged lunch meat company, has announced a national partnership with Blimpie, to offer the restaurant chain's signature meats in its popular Sub Sandwich Kits for consumers across the country. In these tough economic times, more and more consumers are choosing to recreate a restaurant sandwich at home. By teaming […]

Blimpie Launches Blueprint 47

Blimpie will celebrate its 47th anniversary with the launch of a new program called Blueprint 47. The program will offer 47 current franchisees and 47 military veterans a discount when franchising a Blimpie location. The program, which began Jan. 15 and will only run through Jan. 30, discounts the intial franchise fee from $18,000 to $47.    Blueprint 47 […]

Blimpie Revamps Store Design

Restyled design features a natural-looking d├ęcor and architectural elements, including warm lighting and iconic photography displayed on the walls.