Blimpie unveiled a new restaurant design that melds the past with the future by incorporating classic, contemporary, and Americana design concepts.

The restyled Blimpie features a natural-looking décor and architectural elements, including warm lighting and iconic photography displayed on the walls. The vision was developed by Blimpie’s design partner, 602 Design, with Mid Century Modern design cues taken from Charles and Ray Eames works.

Established in 1964, it’s more than fitting that the new Blimpie look is reminiscent of this well-recognized period in architectural history. The redesigned Blimpie stores will feature a subtle color palette, light-stained tables, and chairs with splashes of bright-colored hues throughout. The classic photography will feature the fabric of everyday American lives, from musical instruments and cars to clothing styles, surfing, and more. Natural design elements, such as steel and wood, are integrated into the intrinsic nature of the design itself.

“This innovative design gives Blimpie a revamped look, one that exemplifies the brand’s bright future and being America’s sub shop,” says Kate Unger, vice president of marketing for Blimpie. “The design radiates simple and modern style elements that will provide customers with a relaxed, inviting eating environment. Since the 1960s we’ve been a part of America’s culture. Our photography and elements in-store showcase all of the moments we’ve been a part of with our customers.”

While customers will notice a clean-lined, vibrant, and modern design, franchisees and staff will appreciate the easy upkeep and low maintenance duties associated with the new look. In addition, the new design is budget-conscious, saving future Blimpie franchisees between $25,000 and $75,000 in build-out costs. Cutting the cost of the build-out is in line with the company’s goal of supporting the future of the franchise system by providing efficiencies in any type of economy. Existing franchise units have the option to retrofit their locations with portions of or all of the new design elements.

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