Smoothie King announced the return of its fan-favorite pumpkin smoothies and new Pumpkin Power Meal Smoothie. Starting on August 29, Smoothie King will offer five limited-time pumpkin smoothies at locations nationwide, both in-store and through the Smoothie King app, while supplies last.

This year’s pumpkin smoothie lineup features a range of delicious and nutritious options designed to cater to every palate and dietary need. Made with 100% organic pumpkin puree and containing over 10 grams of protein, each of Smoothie King’s pumpkin smoothies is a simple meal solution to help guests stay full this fall. Like all Smoothie King smoothies, the pumpkin blends stay true to Smoothie King’s Clean Blends commitment and are made without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

“We’re keeping it real this fall! We’re proud that our pumpkin smoothie lineup contains real ingredients —that you can actually pronounce—like organic pumpkin, and they taste amazing,” says Marianne Radley, CMO of Smoothie King. “Whether guests are looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, or a vegan or high-protein option, our five pumpkin varieties provide a delicious and nutritious option for everyone.”

Smoothie King’s limited time fall flavors include:

New Pumpkin Power Meal – As Smoothie King’s latest pumpkin phenomenon, this protein-packed smoothie is perfectly pumpkin! Made with 100% organic pumpkin, almonds, dates, Gladiator protein, protein blend, multivitamin, and our seasonal spice blend. The Pumpkin Power Meal is designed to be the perfect meal replacement, with 20g of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals to help you take on the day.

Pumpkin Slim-N-Trim – A nutritious meal under 300 calories, this pumpkin smoothie boasts 14g of protein and is made with ingredients like 100% organic pumpkin, bananas, dates, protein, and our seasonal spice blend.

Pumpkin Vegan – An entirely plant-based blend made with 100% organic pumpkin, Califia Farms Oat Milk, bananas, dates, Sunwarrior organic plant-based protein, stevia, and our seasonal spice blend.

Pumpkin Coffee High Protein – This fitness-focused blend gives guests the morning caffeine kick they’re looking for. Made with 100% organic pumpkin, dates, almonds, non-fat milk, protein blend, whey protein, and our seasonal spice blend, along with your choice of cold brew coffee or espresso.

Pumpkin D-Lite – This “Enjoy a Treat” blend is made with 100% organic pumpkin, dates, frozen yogurt, nonfat milk, protein blend and our seasonal spice blend for a better-for-you pumpkin indulgence.

Want to try one? Guests can enjoy a free 12 oz. Pumpkin Power Meal Smoothie on September 6 by signing up for the Smoothie King’s Healthy Rewards app.

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