The last few months of the year are packed with reasons to celebrate, from the most popular wedding month (October) to the fall and winter holidays and everything in between. Auntie Anne’s, America’s #1 auntie, is adding a sprinkle of fun to these occasions and more with the launch of its new Confetti Pretzel Nuggets. The limited-time, tasty twist on the fan-favorite Original Pretzel Nuggets marks Auntie Anne’s most festive pretzel innovation yet.

Freshly baked with a warm butter cookie crumble and rainbow sprinkles and deliciously dusted with sugar crystals, Confetti Pretzel Nuggets serve as the perfect way for fans to celebrate all of life’s special moments, big and small, with family and friends. Fans can make snack time even more festive by pairing the mouthwatering, buttery cookie flavor of the new Confetti Pretzel Nuggets with Auntie Anne’s Sweet Glaze Dip and a refreshing Original Lemonade.

“With Confetti Pretzel Nuggets, we wanted to provide our fans with sprinkles of fun for celebrations of all kinds throughout the fall and holiday season,” says Julie Younglove Webb, Chief Brand Officer at Auntie Anne’s. “Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary, holiday gathering, a much-needed pick-me-up during holiday shopping or simply satisfying an anytime craving, our Confetti Pretzel Nuggets are the perfect sweet treat to twist up special occasions and all the snacking moments in between.”   

The new Confetti Pretzel Nuggets are now available at participating Auntie Anne’s stores nationwide for a limited time. Download the Auntie Anne’s Rewards app and sign up today for easy ordering, delivery, exclusive rewards and free pretzels.

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