Just Salad announced the launch of a limited-time, custom vegan menu item created in partnership with Wellness Educator & Entrepreneur, Mona Vand. The salad, “Mona’s Dreamy Caesar,” features plant-based ingredients carefully selected by Mona to reduce inflammation, support gut health, and boost energy while providing essential nutrients. This collaboration brings together Mona’s passion for clean, health-conscious eating with Just Salad’s commitment to providing fresh and sustainable options for its customers.

“I believe that food is a powerful medicine, and I live by that philosophy every day,” says Mona Vand. “My goal is to help people on their wellness journeys using my background and education as a former pharmacist, and I’m thrilled to partner with Just Salad to help offer their consumers a plant-forward nutritious option. This salad is exactly the way I like to eat – it incorporates a variety of healthy ingredients that all add their own unique nutritional benefits, while being extremely clean and packed with flavor and texture.”

Here’s what you can expect from Mona Vand’s custom creation, available in-store, online and in-app across Just Salad locations nationwide from October 1, 2023 to October 31, 2023:

Mona’s Dreamy Caesar: Romaine + Supergreens Blend, Shaved Broccoli, Cucumbers, Tajin® Spiced Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Chickpeas, Avocado, Mona’s Vegan Caesar Dressing 

“We’re proud to partner with Mona Vand to share our combined passion for fresh, clean, feel-good food,” says Jhonny Castro, Culinary Director at Just Salad. “At Just Salad, we’re all about pushing culinary boundaries while making health accessible, and this partnership exemplifies our commitment to providing customers with plant-powered recipes that celebrate flavor and wellness.” 

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