Just in time for football season, Kentucky Fried Chicken is launching new Hot & Spicy Wings at an unbeatable price – get 8 for just $4.99 beginning Sept. 10 for a limited time only. While others have wings for football season, none offer finger lickin’ good heat and delicious taste for this value.

The new KFC Hot & Spicy Wings are spicy marinated and double hand-breaded in KFC’s signature Extra Crispy breading, creating the perfect amount of spice with each satisfying crunch.

“We’re coming in HOT (and spicy) this football season with a truly unmatched deal,” says Nick Chavez, CMO, KFC U.S. “Bench the other players. Why get 6 wings for $5.99 when you can start our 8 pc. Hot & Spicy Wings instead for just $4.99?”

KFC’s signature spicy flavor is an MVP in KFC markets worldwide, and now the globally beloved flavor has made its way to U.S. restaurants with KFC’s new Hot & Spicy Wings. While the new wings are packed with flavor, the spice isn’t so intense that it will cause a penalty – it balances heat with delicious taste.

To sweeten the already great deal, fried chicken fans can make Thursday nights, ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken Night’ with free delivery on any orders on KFC.com and the KFC app on Thursdays, starting today. KFC customers can also use Quick Pick Up to order the new Hot & Spicy Wings and other KFC favorites ahead of time and pick up their order on KFC’s dedicated Quick Pick-Up shelf.

The new KFC Hot & Spicy Wings are a favorite of longtime KFC fan and Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders and his family, who call them “legendary” in new video content.

This season KFC has also partnered with Amazon Prime Video and Twitch to unveil special content featuring sports journalist, Taylor Rooks and pro quarterback, Kirk Cousins. Fans can see this KFC content roll out across Amazon Prime Video and Twitch beginning September 14.

Spicy-marinated, hand-breaded and 8 for just $4.99 get fired up for KFC’s NEW Hot & Spicy Wings.

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