Krystal announced a mouthwatering deal celebrating National Chili Dog Day. On July 27, customers can enjoy $1 Chili Cheese Pups with any digital purchase. 

The one-day-only deal allows customers to enjoy up to 5 $1 Chili Cheese Pups per order using the discount code CHILIPUP on or the Krystal mobile app.

“We are thrilled to celebrate National Chili Dog Day with our loyal guests by offering them the opportunity to enjoy our signature Chili Cheese Pups at an incredible price,” says Kaitlin Stoehr, Senior Director of Marketing for Krystal Restaurants LLC. “The flavorful combination of our signature chili and rich cheddar cheese atop a hand-held hotdog creates a mouthwatering experience that our guests crave. The taste alone is satisfying enough, but our chili cheese pups also deliver a note of nostalgia, reminiscent of back-yard barbeques, sporting events and summers at the fairground.” 

Krystal’s Chili Cheese Pups are a fan-favorite menu item, featuring a juicy hot dog submerged beneath chili, sprinkled with shredded cheddar cheese, and topped with classic yellow mustard. Krystal aims to satisfy the cravings of hot dog enthusiasts across the nation by offering the beloved Chili Cheese Pups at an unbeatable price.

Krystal favorites are available for dine-in, drive-thru, or by ordering online via the Krystal website or app. The app is available for download via Google Play or the App Store.

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