Ike’s Love & Sandwiches announced the appointment of Robert Lane as its new Chief Marketing Officer. With a wealth of experience in the food industry, Robert brings a dynamic blend of marketing expertise, creative vision, and a passion for exceptional sandwiches to the Ike’s team. 

Robert Lane most recently served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Burger Lounge, a renowned chain of premium grass-fed burger restaurants, where he dedicated 11 years to refining and elevating the brand’s marketing. Prior to his tenure at Burger Lounge, Robert successfully led the advertising team at Mainstreet Media, a prominent publishing and digital media company in San Diego. 

Robert Lane is honored to join the Ike’s team, “I’ve been a fan of Ike’s Love & Sandwiches since I took my first bite of the Hollywould’s SF Cheesesteak. Ike Shehadeh is a visionary and dynamic founder who has created one of the most fun and interesting restaurant brands in history. Michael Goldberg is an exceptional leader who has transformed the company to have one of the highest average unit volumes in the industry. I am excited to join this amazing team, keep pushing the boundaries for the sandwich category, and continue to support the company’s explosive growth.” 

Ike Shehadeh adds, “Brace yourselves for the next era of Ike’s. Robert will add to the tidal wave of creativity that makes our brand iconic. The revolution is already happening, and no corner of the sandwich world will be untouched. It’s gonna be dirty.” 

If you’ve never been to Ike’s Love & Sandwiches before, there really is no comparison. These are the sandwiches of your dreams. We’re about love first, then sandwiches, which is why we take extra special care to make sure we have great options for every kind of eater. No other restaurant in the world has more kick-ass options and endless combinations for meat lovers, vegetarian, vegan, halal, and gluten-free. Our Dutch Crunch bread paired with Ike’s exclusive “Dirty Sauce,” a creamy garlic aioli toasted right into the bread, is a transcendent experience that will electrify your tastebuds. Ike’s Love & Sandwiches has been voted the best sandwiches in the world (by Ike’s mom).  

 Ike spends hours creating the menu for each new location with exclusive and iconic sandwiches, menus, and an exclusive Instagram wall that are connected to the city & community. Each menu comes with exclusive sandwich offerings created just for that location that are eclectically named as a tribute to local celebrities and icons.  

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