Del Taco has revamped its Del Yeah! Rewards program. The enhanced program will offer a platform where guests can earn rewards easier, faster, and in more fun and engaging ways. Members will be able to level up through the four tiers with reduced point thresholds and get rewards faster, earn and share vanity badges for completing activities, get rewarded with free items by completing frequency punch cards, and earn bonus points and offers through completing in-app challenges such as viewing short film reels, surveys, or completing polls.

“As with any relationship, the more you put into it, the more you get out, which is exactly the approach we took here,” says Tim Hackbardt, Del Taco’s Chief Marketing Officer. “While other loyalty programs are making it more expensive for the guest to get rewarded, we wanted to thank our guests by gifting them food faster through our new lower point threshold tiers. Additionally, we wanted to go beyond a simple point system by developing exclusive in-app experiences that offer more ways to earn rewards and become more frequently engaged with the brand.”

Upon joining Del Yeah! Rewards, fans will immediately receive an offer for two FREE The Del Tacos and the ability to start earning points that can be used towards rewards. The more points that each guest earns, the faster they are able to unlock higher earning tiers. Depending on the rewards tier they are in, Del Yeah! Rewards members earn 8-12 points per dollar spent. Tiers consist of Queso, Scorcho, Inferno, and Epic, which are each designed with special rewards that increase in value as the guest levels up into higher tiers.  Rewards to level up faster have been reduced as follows:

  • Queso To Scorcho – Was 500 points, now 250 points.
  • Scorcho To Inferno – Was 1,500 points, now 1,000 points.
  • Inferno To Epic – Was 3,000 points, now 2,000 points.


Guests can also earn vanity badges for completing certain activities. Launch badges include the following with many more to be added each month:

  • Morning Person – Visit 7 times between 4AM – 11AM.
  • Obsessed As Del – Visit 5 days in a row.
  • New Day New Del – Earn this badge when you visit a new restaurant.
  • Del After Dark – Visit 3 times between 8PM – 4AM.
  • Midday Mayor – Visit 10 times between 11AM – 2PM.


The new Del Yeah! Rewards challenges will offer engaging activities for members where they will be rewarded with points, offers, and free food as well.  Challenges may include watching short in-app video reels featuring new products, user-generated content, independent product reviews, behind-the-scenes content, celebrity collaborations, and more. Del Yeah!™ Rewards members can also interact with the brand through surveys and polls as well.

Del Taco is also taking the classic frequency punch card and turning it digital in the Del Yeah! Rewards App. Upcoming promotions will include digital punch cards related to promotional items where guests can receive free food as they purchase these promoted items frequently.

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