16 Handles, New York’s premier self-serve frozen yogurt destination, is launching two new flavor innovations: Salted Caramel, a delicious new frozen yogurt treat, and Granola Gone Wild, 16 Handles’ new proprietary chef-inspired granola blend.

Both new menu offerings are available in all 16 Handles locations starting today.

16 Handles’ new Salted Caramel frozen yogurt offers a low-fat twist on the rich taste of caramel complemented with a hint of salt. This delicious, indulgent snack and dessert combines sweet with salty to offer those who crave the rich, buttery taste of caramel with a unique frozen yogurt experience.  

More than just another topping, Granola Gone Wild is a delectable mix of all-natural granola and organic oats blended with Chia seeds, Goji berries, pumpkin seeds, and organic coconut chips for a slightly sweet, chewy, and crunchy taste.

Handcrafted by 16 Handles’ corporate chef and flavor innovation team, Granola Gone Wild is now permanently available at all 16 Handles locations.

Each ingredient in Granola Gone Wild confers its own better-for-you benefits, making it an ideal snack that stands on its own or as a delicious, satisfying frozen yogurt topping. 

“16 Handles is known for being an innovative frozen yogurt concept that consistently brings new flavors and menu offerings to our loyal brand fans who love to flaunt their flavor,” says 16 Handles Founder Solomon Choi. “We’re very excited to bring Salted Caramel into the mix, along with what we believe to be the best granola available today. Our in-house chef handcrafted our Granola Gone Wild recipe, and its premium ingredients and irresistible crunch are definitely going to wow our guests.”

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