16 Handles, today’s most innovative frozen-yogurt brand, is launching a new fro-yo–based Hot Chocolate Affogato beverage in three flavors: Salted Caramel, Crème Brûlée, and Toasty Marshmallow. 

16 Handles’ new Hot Chocolate Affogato merges the delight of cool, creamy frozen yogurt with the welcome warmth hot chocolate brings to wintry days and nights.

Made famous by Italian cafes, Affogatos are typically espresso-based treats. 16 Handles, however, takes layers premium Ghirardelli syrup atop Ghirardelli hot chocolate, topped off with an iceberg of premium frozen yogurt and real whipped cream. 

Hot Chocolate Affogato is now available at 16 Handles’ Manhattan locations, and will expand into other areas in the month of February.

“We’re starting off 2013 by kicking things up a notch and taking our frozen-yogurt flavors and novelties to the next level,” says Solomon Choi, 16 Handles founder and CEO. “For those unfamiliar with an Affogato, the word literal means drowned in Italian. Our proprietary recipe pairs everyone’s favorite frozen yogurt with rich Ghirardelli hot chocolate. It’s certain to become a winter treat that many will love to sip and savor.”

16 Handles features 16 rotating “handles” of frozen yogurt, along with an endless toppings bar that includes fresh, hand-cut fruit, nuts, candies, cakes, sauces, and other exclusive, chef-inspired toppings.

In addition, 16 Handles offers nondairy sorbets, frozen-yogurt cakes, and WhipUps—guest-inspired creations that blend premium frozen yogurt and toppings into one frozen confection. 

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