Nearly 1,600 Subway restaurants in California, Nevada, and Hawaii are joining together in a social responsibility initiative that focuses on making a positive impact in local communities by helping in the fight against hunger.

Fit to Fight Hunger, a community project of local Subway restaurants, identified a need for support of local food banks and made a commitment to help raise awareness of the hunger plight that afflicts many neighborhoods. Subway restaurants believes in “doing good for your body,” as well as doing good for the community—Fit to Fight Hunger encourages customers to do the same.

Local Subway restaurants will actively promote the needs of local food banks in-store, online, and on broadcast television. A dedicated website will be a resource to connect customers to their local food banks, where they can donate their time or pledge monetary support.

During the campaign, Subway restaurants will be promoting Subway Fresh Fit sandwiches—8 six-inch sub sandwiches that are less than 6 grams of fat—in an effort to encourage the community to make better eating choices.

Local Subway restaurants throughout the region will be making a significant donation to local food banks of approximately $100,000 to 20 local food banks across the region as a way to help hunger and to bring awareness to the problem. Subway restaurants’ donation will help fund more than 700,000 meals to families in need.

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