3M announced the new Drive-Thru Headset G5 that researchers created to help defray repair costs and downtime, while improving the drive-thru experience for users and customers. Drawing extensively on customer input and needs, the G5 is the industry’s first wireless headset that allows users to perform in-store service and repairs. The device also incorporates new vibration and battery technologies to increase operational efficiencies, making it extremely durable, reliable, and comfortable.

The Drive-Thru Headset G5 can revolutionize the way quick-service restaurants manage their drive- thru systems for patrons who are in a hurry. The patent-pending control pod is designed to detach from the headset carrier, allowing for quick and easy on-site service. Crew members can simply remove the pod from a damaged carrier, swap in a new carrier reinsert the control pod, and the headset is ready for use in seconds.

“The majority of headset repairs in the drive-thru industry are attributed to broken headbands or mic booms. Until now, the only options for a customer were to send a broken headset to a repair center or purchase a new headset. Both options are costly and put the headset out of service for up to a week,” says Darcey Holloway, product marketer at 3M. “Giving customers the ability to service and make repairs themselves should mean less downtime, significant convenience, and expected cost savings for their business.”

3M’s fifth-generation wireless headset comes with an innovative control pod equipped with capacitive feather touch buttons and haptics vibrations technology, which are designed to reduce input errors and increase user comfort. It also incorporates Smart battery technology featuring a battery charge gauge, end-of-battery-life indicator, and 3M OEM battery authentication. The Smart battery can be charged while still inserted in the headset, eliminating the need to remove the battery from the headset when charging. The charging stations are integrated into the headset storage unit, which can be mounted on a wall or set on a tabletop.

Other key features of the Drive-Thru Headset G5 include integrated headset storage and battery charging station, allowing for streamlined operations and inventory control; reduced weight; adjustable steel headband with rubberized polymer coating for greater comfort and durability; customizable ID tags; accelerometer with sleep and hibernate capabilities; enhanced mic array technology that improves sound clarity and reduces background noise; and dual Indicator lights on mic boom including blue LED indicating a vehicle presence.


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