86 Repairs, which is working to transform repairs and maintenance for restaurant groups in North America, just released a comprehensive study covering key insights and never-before-seen data about the state of repairs and maintenance in the restaurant industry. The full study can be accessed here (registration required).

The report is based on a sample of customer source data across 250 quick service, fast casual, casual dining, and fine dining locations. The State of Repairs includes actionable insights and recommendations that operators can implement today to positively impact their R&M strategy.

A few categories covered in the report include:

Understanding overall R&M spend and equipment repair spend by restaurant category

Frequency of repairs by service category

Timing of repairs by day of week and week of year

Actionable tips for making the most of your R&M budget

“This year’s State of Repairs report just scratches the surface of the amazing data we’re able to gather on behalf of our customers,” said 86 Repairs CEO, Daniel Estrada. “Our data isn’t just for show – it provides true insights that have never existed before in the industry, saving operators thousands of dollars per store every year.”

With data from 86 Repairs, operators can access total cost of ownership of equipment, assess equipment reliability, make strategic repair vs. replace decisions, get information on the most reliable service providers in their area, and so much more.

As the company continues to grow, it will publish more studies to educate restaurateurs on ways to rethink their repairs and maintenance processes. With a vision of transforming operations for restaurant operators, the company hints at exciting new products to better serve the restaurant industry in 2020 and beyond.

“86 Repairs is learning about repairs and maintenance faster than anyone else in the world,” sayss 86 Repairs Head of Product, Bryce Kaiser. “Our data-first approach to R&M allows us to collect thousands of data points on every repair in a process shepherded by our outstanding team of industry experts. With every repair our prediction algorithms become more intelligent. The future of repairs and maintenance for restaurants is to put R&M on auto-pilot. We are building that future at 86 Repairs.”