Paytronix Systems, Inc., the most advanced digital guest experience platform, announced that Aloha Poke Co., the nation’s premier fast-casual poke restaurant concept, has deployed the full Paytronix platform, including loyalty, order and delivery, and a white-labeled mobile app, to both its company-owned restaurants as well as a growing number of franchise locations. The points-based Aloha Rewards program encourages guests to spend and earn rewards that can be redeemed for bowls containing hand-caught ahi tuna, Patagonian salmon raised without antibiotics, and other clean, simple, responsibly-sourced ingredients.

“Aloha Poke Co. selected Paytronix because it is an all-in-one system that includes loyalty, order and delivery and an app on a single platform. The simplicity of the Paytronix Platform made sense to us,” says Andy Mulherin, senior manager of operations services at Aloha Poke Co. “In addition, Paytronix’s integration with Toast allows us to directly control our menus via menu manager both top down and at individual locations.”

With a differentiated and focused menu, fast throughput and superior customer service, Aloha Poke has a customer return rate that is well above the [quick-service restaurant] industry standard. The new Paytronix-powered Aloha Poke Rewards program gives the fast-growing brand a way to encourage guests to visit and spend more while also helping gather customer feedback.

Overall, Aloha Poke wants to leverage its rewards program to help retain customers and build a more data-driven marketing operation. Over time, this will enable them to reach out to members on a one-to-one basis with personalized offers and guide them to specific actions, such as downloading the app.

“The more customers we can keep on the platform and in our ecosystem, the more they will use the tools that Paytronix provides, and the more our company and brand will grow,” says Marc Johnson, vice president of marketing at Aloha Poke Co. “Paytronix Order and Delivery also lowers the likelihood of customers using third-party aggregators, which reduces fees and increases our margins.”

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