Aloha Poke Co., the nation’s premier fast casual poke restaurant brand, announced its expansion into Maryland. Mary Grace Barnebey, a first-time franchisee, plans to offer Aloha Poke Co.’s menu of freshly packed sashimi-grade fish and delicious, whole ingredients to customers at her new store in Gaithersburg. 

Barnebey brings more than twenty years of experience in business strategy, team management, and customer service to Maryland’s first Aloha Poke Co. location. With her passion for nutrition and “good mood food”, Barnebey aims to provide world-class service and a memorable fast casual dining experience to the Gaithersburg community and beyond.

“Delicious and healthy are two things I aim to provide my family in every meal,” says Barnebey. “When I decided to bring Aloha Poke Co. to our community, I knew that the menu needed to be aligned with the way I think about taste and nutrition. I also like the franchise support system and the brand’s cornerstone belief of in fast, beautiful, sustainable foods. I am proud to that Aloha Poke Co. will dramatically expand our community’s access to health-minded food options.”

Barnebey is also no stranger to poke. “I’ve been eating poke for years. I love the freshness, and it has always been a delicious go-to meal for a casual lunch or dinner. And Aloha takes it to a new level for customers offering customizable bowls and unique flavors. But most importantly, the quality of ingredients sets the food apart from other poke experiences. The design aesthetic matches the vibe of the food, creating a strong emotional connection with the brand,” adds Barnebey.

“Washington, D.C. has embraced Aloha Poke Co. since 2018, and I’m thrilled to be expanding to its Maryland suburbs,” says Aloha Poke Co. CEO, Chris Birkinshaw. “Given Mary Grace’s passion and business experience, along with growing consumer trends toward clean eating and an excellent market opportunity, this really checks all the boxes.  We can’t wait for the people of Gaithersburg to try our signature Crunch Bowl.”

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