Today, Amsterdam Falafelshop announced its second Boston area shop, and seventh overall, is opening mid-February in Kenmore Square. 

Located at 642 Beacon Street, the new shop is in close proximity to Fenway Park and Boston University in a vibrant mixed-use residential and entertainment neighborhood. Local entrepreneurs and business partners Matt D'Alessio and Laurence Wintersteen own and will operate the new shop.

“Our time has arrived. Amsterdam Falafelshop is solidifying its place in Boston lore as the brand expands its presence locally and is received so well by our growing fan base,” says D’Alessio, who owns and operates the brand’s Somerville location. “Opening in Kenmore Square is another validation of just how popular our shops have become. The falafel, the ambiance, the service…it’s all tops among our competitors.”

A staple in the Washington D.C. area, where there are four existing locations, this is the area’s second Boston area restaurant. Amsterdam Falafelshop also has locations open and in development in Virginia and Maryland.

“It’s clearly become an infectious brand,” says Wintersteen, a seasoned restaurateur in the Boston market. “The constant flow of people coming by and welcoming us — getting excited for our arrival — during our last days of construction, is further evidence of the demand for the brand.”

In addition to serving fresh-made falafel sandwiches and Dutch-style fries (“frieten”), shops offer nearly two-dozen toppings for patrons to customize their falafel.

“We are excited to be working with Matt and Laurence to grow the brand,” says Arianne Bennett, co-founder and CEO of Amsterdam Falafelshop. “I have said from the beginning that we want to grow with the right people. Matt and Laurence are a great example. They share our passion for cool vibes, fresh falafel and a culture unlike any other. We are thrilled to have them on-board.”

In addition to growing in Boston, Amsterdam Falafelshop is moving forward with an aggressive U.S. franchise growth plan calling for expansion into other select urban centers where the brand can maintain its originality among a diverse collection of consumers. The company is still accepting applications from qualified franchisees interested in further developing key U.S. areas throughout the Northeast, Eastern Seaboard, Midwest and Southeast. Target markets include the Washington D.C. metro area and Baltimore, Atlanta, the Carolinas, Miami, Tampa, the New York metro area, Philadelphia and Richmond. Plus, Amsterdam Falafelshop has also pinpointed metropolitan areas across the midsection of the nation such as Chicago, Ohio, and other major metro markets in Texas and California.


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