Amsterdam Falafelshop announced an aggressive franchise growth plan for 2015 that will continue to fuel the brand’s growth across the U.S.

With six shops currently in operation, Amsterdam Falafelshop plans to open at least three additional locations in 2015 in key markets such as Boston, Dallas, and Philadelphia.

“This year has been an exciting one for us…a year with unprecedented growth,” says Arianne Bennett, CEO of Amsterdam Falafelshop, which she founded with her husband Scott. “We created a movement in D.C., Virginia, and Maryland that reflects our quirkiness, and we’re incredibly excited about extending it to other great American cities. You will not find a restaurant concept with the authentic food and environment that we offer, and that is why we have fans around the world.”

The news comes on the heels of a big year for Amsterdam Falafelshop. This past fall, the brand opened falafelshops in L’Enfant Plaza, the popular D.C. mixed-use property, and Arlington’s Clarendon neighborhood. The year ahead represents the brand’s most aggressive growth phase yet, with two additional Amsterdam Falafelshop locations slated to open in the coming months—one in Boston’s prestigious Kenmore Square and the other in Dallas’ storied Deep Ellum neighborhood. In addition, the company recently signed a multiunit development agreement for the Philadelphia market and anticipates at least one store to open in the area in 2015. There are also new locations planned for the Salt Lake City Market and suburban Washington D.C.

“When we learned about the opportunity to add Amsterdam Falafelshop to our portfolio, we knew we had to act fast because this is a concept with tremendous appeal,” says David Rosenstein, a multiunit Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen franchisee and the franchisee of Amsterdam Falafelshop’s Clarendon, Virginia, location who is opening four additional shops throughout the Greater D.C. area. “You can’t beat the originality and authenticity of the concept. We are extremely pleased with how the shop launched and its continued performance.”

Launched in 2004, Amsterdam Falafelshop has received widespread acclaim. In addition to serving fresh-made falafel sandwiches and Dutch-style fries (frieten), the shops offer nearly two-dozen toppings for patrons to customize their falafel.

“We have excellent opportunities in fantastic U.S. markets for franchise growth,” says Richard Sharoff, executive vice president of franchising for Amsterdam Falafelshop. “We’re cultivating a diverse group of franchise partners who identify with the Amsterdam Falafelshop experience. These are self-motivated, savvy professionals who are entrepreneurial and ambitious—they get our concept and the vibe we’re creating and understand the tremendous benefits of believing that what we’ve established can work for them as well.”

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