PunchTab, the omni-channel loyalty and engagement platform, announced that Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc., Bareburger, and Così, have adopted PunchTab’s technology, and are benefitting by offering rewards to customers across multiple channels. In fact, research shows customers are 2.5 times more likely to buy when engaged on multiple channels.

Recently, the Michelin-recommended organic burger shop, Bareburger, chose PunchTab to create a multi-channel loyalty program that allows the restaurant to reward guests’ actions online, in order to increase in-store activity. Through the new loyalty program, Bareburger will be able to reward customers and develop long-term relationships with people that love their food.

“Our customers are so passionate and vocal about our food that we wanted to reward them. They have helped us spread the word about Bareburger from day one—and we wanted to reward that loyalty,” says Euripides Pelekanos, CEO of Bareburger. “PunchTab offered us a flexible platform, which can adapt to our changing needs. It offers POS system integration, and we can layer in new social media channels as they become important to us. This allows us to meet our customers where they are and to reward their loyalty with real value.”

When fans want to sign up for the loyalty program, they can go to the Bareburger website and join through Facebook and Twitter links to begin getting rewarded. Users are incentivized along the way, receiving a side of fries or a small shake, when they sign up.

Also, printed displays highlighting the PunchTab program will be in every table caddy in every restaurant to introduce the new program. In order to prepare for launch, the company is training its front-of-house staff to handle the increased demand the program is expected to bring through the door.

“Fast-casual and quick-service restaurants have relied on loyalty programs to engage customers and drive sales for ages, but in today’s connected and highly competitive mobile-social world, it really does take smart tech,” says Ranjith Kumaran, CEO of PunchTab. “Brands such as Arby’s, Bareburger, and Così are using the PunchTab platform to connect the dots across all channels—bridging the divide between online and offline, while they track purchase behavior back to individuals and reward them for their actions.”

With PunchTab, restaurants can create campaigns and programs that increase sales, acquire more customers, and build long-term loyalty and repeat business. They can engage both current and potential customers wherever they are—in store, online, or on a mobile device. And they can measure how customer interaction with the campaign affects purchase behavior, allowing marketers to understand which campaigns and tactics are working, and then use the information to optimize future marketing efforts.

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