As Arby’s menu continues to grow, so too does its roster of commercials targeted towards adult fast food diners. Under the umbrella tagline “Arby’s. Satisfy your grown-up tastes,” is a new commercial supporting its proprietary Sidekickers appetizers—Mozzarella Sticks, Onion Petals and Jalapeno Poppers.

“Sidekickers are decidedly adult and so is the spot that supports the line,” said Lloyd Fritzmeir, president and CEO for Arby’s Franchise Associates (AFE), the marketing arm for the Arby’s brand. “This spot suggests that adults can now satisfy their taste for great-tasting appetizers at a fast food restaurant…a new and appealing concept for consumers who demand higher quality food but like the convenience of a QSR”

The $6 million July television campaign will communicate to consumers the new offering and continue to reinforce Arby’s adult positioning. In the 30-second spot created by Doner, Southfield, Michigan, the script reads, “Do you like appetizers? Real appetizers? Well now you can get em from a fast food place. That’s right, a fast food place. Arby’s” The commercial builds off consumers’ impressions that they can only get high-quality appetizers like these at a casual dining restaurant.

Ninety percent of the Arby’s systems carries Sidekickers on their menu The product continues to show strong popularity among consumers, accounting for approximately 6 percent of store sales. Most sales are incremental since many customers choose to add an appetizer to their meal, rather than substitute a french fry order.

The Sidekickers concept was borne out of the casual dining industry. The marketing team at AFA studied popular national casual dining trends and pinpointed menu items that could best translate into fast food items.

Spots will air in 41 markets in Indiana, Nebraska, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Ohio, and Michigan.

Sidekickers are accompanied by dipping sauces designed exclusively for Arby’s. The most popular item, Mozzarella Sticks, is served with a pre-proportioned marinara sauce. Jalapeno bites, a nugget-sized combination of jalapenos and cream cheese, is accompanied by a BroncoBerry sauce, a sweet sauce that compliments the spiciness of the jalapeno. Onion Petals, buttermilk battered pieces of real onion, are served with a Spicy Southwestern Sauce.

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