Auntie Anne’s Inc. has signed a licensing agreement with Taiwanese company Hwang & Brothers Enterprise Co., Ltd., for the development of Auntie Anne’s Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels® stores in Taiwan. The first store is scheduled to open in early 2003 with 14 more locations opening over the next several years.

”Our licensing agreement with Taiwan represents a significant high point in Auntie Anne’s International Program,” Says John Roda, Director of Inernational Development and general counsel for Auntie Anne’s Inc. “In only fourteen short years, Auntie Anne’s has grown from a small farmer’s market stand in Downington, Pennsylvania … to a recognized symbol of quality in the United States and in fourteen countries around the world.”

Auntie Anne’s, Inc. supports more than 750 locations in 42 states and 14 international territories.

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