A&W Restaurants (the Kentucky-headquartered, 102-year-old franchise) is rolling out a high-end collection of apparel and accessories that highlights the real star of the season: A&W Cheese Curds made from 100% Wisconsin White Cheddar Cheese.

Staying true to fall fashion, the Cheddar Weather collection will be unveiled in a highly editorial shoot with fashion models and A&W’s famous Cheese Curds on a dairy farm. The custom merch includes: hand-painted Thorogood boots, letterman jackets and patches, fanny packs, hats, t-shirts, scarves and more.

Created by Kentucky-based ad agency Coomer, Cheddar Weather will be available for purchase online starting 9/22. Price points range from $25 to $700, with one-of-a-kind bespoke items on the higher end.

Cheddar Weather is the latest in A&W’s history of creating unexpected, irreverent and playful experiences for their customers – all to amplify the brand’s ethos of “hip nostalgia.”

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