A&W Restaurants is coming to Altoona at 2870 Woodman Dr. Altoona, WI 54720 on January 10. Dee Wells and her husband own two A&W locations in Withee and Spencer. Their success, trust, and love for the brand has led them to open a new A&W location in Altoona, with additional plans to expand throughout the area.

Together, Dee and John have owned and operated a car wash and a gas station with a convenience store. However, Wells has always had a passion for the restaurant industry. Wells has taken that love of the industry and opened A&W locations in Withee and Spencer. After seeing success with her first two A&W restaurants, Wells decided to open two more locations in the area. She plans to open the first one in Altoona on January 10th and another location in Cadott by the end of May.

Dee believes that the most important thing to do as a business owner is to give back to the community that has constantly given to her- which is why she is so excited to bring A&W to the community of Altoona.

“We do a lot for the community,” says Dee Wells. “I was raised in this area, and I love the community feel of a small town. I make sure that as a business, I do whatever I can to give back to the community that gives to me. We are constantly involved in local events and reaching out to schools and programs to help kids in the community.”

Dee and her husband plan to continue their devotion to their community for years to come through their business ventures.

“My personal goal is to have ten restaurants by the time I retire,” says Dee Wells. “If my new locations do well in the future, I will continue to expand in those areas. This is a brand I can see my family being involved in even after I retire, so I want to set them up for success.”

With the A&W opening in Altoona there will be 45 A&W locations in Wisconsin.

“We’re extremely fortunate to have Dee with us. I think her story really encapsulates where we are as a brand,” says John Palumbo, A&W Sr. Director of Franchise Development. “We believe Wisconsin has the capacity to house several more additional successful restaurants. For over 100 years the A&W brand has resonated with so many Americans across this great country and Altoona is no different. This is only the tip of the Root Beer Float for A&W in Wisconsin.”

The new Altoona location is part of A&W’s plan to award 25 units to franchisees in 2022 and open 12 new locations. A&W is looking to target both new and existing markets including additional Midwest states like Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin, but also North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Nevada.

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