In this time of skyrocketing prices and out-of-control interest rates, A&W Restaurants is coming to the rescue of cash-strapped consumers with Rooty’s Mug Club and some seriously sweet deals on their classic All American Food. And they’ve tapped a pair of the world’s most extreme penny pinchers for their latest campaign to get the word out about these money-saving offers. 

Karen and Grant Hearn are breakout stars of the TLC reality series Extreme Cheapskates, which chronicles the often absurd lengths some people go to save a buck. The couple’s appearance (S3/E2) was an instant internet sensation, and videos of their unusually frugal ways have been some of the show’s most viral. 

Fueled by Americans’ renewed interest in stretching their hard-earned dollars, clips of the Hearns have recently racked up millions, if not billions, of views on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. 

“Karen and Grant Hearn are obviously experts when it comes to finding the best deals,” says Liz Bazner, Senior Director of Marketing for A&W Restaurants, “so they’re the perfect spokespeople for Rooty’s Mug Club.” 

A&W’s unlikely influencers sing the praises of Rooty’s Mug Club in a 30-second spot and an additional series of offbeat digital/social videos that recreate some of their most memorable Extreme Cheapskates moments like the infamous at-home tooth extraction and pickle-taping scenes. 

“With all the money you’ll save,” says the thrifty couple in one video, “you’ll be able to splurge on extravagant luxuries. Like professional dentistry.” 

Joining Rooty’s Mug Club is easy, and members are regularly treated to exclusive deals via text and email. Plus, you get a free Root Beer Float just for signing up and another free Root Beer Float every year on your birthday. 

To enroll, simply go to or text FLOAT to 57501. 

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