Bang Cookies, a franchise that delivers stuffed, soft-baked, natural-ingredient cookies, announced it will expand in Ocean Township this summer, signing an experienced franchise entrepreneur as its newest franchisee.

Entrepreneur Mike Smilo, founder of Smilo Group, who served as one of the original consultants to Bang Cookies founder George Kuan, plans to open several new Bang Cookies locations in the near future, starting in August with the scheduled opening of his flagship store in Ocean Township.  He has already brought onboard Lance Brummer as Managing Partner, who has experience managing multi-unit quick-service concepts, to oversee plans for the multi-year buildout.

“After looking at where Bang Cookies was in its lifecycle, I thought they had a great product, great catchy branding, consistent flavors, and a loyal customer base,” Smilo says. “Once I saw how everything was coming together, I believed this was the right time to invest on the franchisee side in New Jersey with the plan to scale across the state as a multi-unit operator. I love what Bang Cookies stands for and how they give back to the communities via its unique school fundraiser platform.”

As a consultant, Smilo recommended that Bang Cookies partner with Jersey City-based Oakscale Franchise Development. “I know the value they bring in helping the brand build out the franchise network,” he adds.

“Before I started working with Bang Cookies, I was a customer,” says Joshua Kovacs, who is chief executive officer of Oakscale, which manages the Bang Cookies franchise growth. “I know firsthand how the team is focused on innovating every aspect of their cookie production process and creating more value for franchisees.”

Thousands of 5-star reviews support the fact that Bang Cookies are unique and unforgettable. They are giant, stuffed, soft-baked, organic and all natural-ingredient cookies that focus on a rich flavor–not sugary toppings. The company sources top-shelf ingredients that include organic sugar, organic flour,  organic vanilla and chocolate chunks from Europe. 

In addition, Bang Cookies’ secret formula creates a different experience. Their proprietary process allows carefully sourced ingredients to immerse within each batch to unleash an elevated flavor with deeper, richer taste. “You have to let the ingredients sit in itself,” says Bang Cookies founder George Kuan. “The mix creates a chemical reaction where each element infuses itself with another.”

The product line of mouth-watering cookies is extensive. Here is a brief sample of each category:

THE CLASSIC COOKIE: The Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie is a scrumptiously flavorful, fresh-baked beauty that tickles tastebuds with endearingly dark chocolate and mouthwatering milky milk chocolate. The company’s most popular cookie packs a wallop of savory-sweet contrast that brings out the best in understated fashion for a tasty decadent treat.

THE DELUXE COOKIE: The S’mores Cookie is the perfect blend of crunchy graham crackers, rich dark chocolate, and mushy marshmallow glee. Made with a cornucopia of organic ingredients, such as sugar cane, brown sugar, and squishy little ‘mellows, cookie connoisseurs will enjoy the combo  glory of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers.

THE STUFFED COOKIE: The Strawberry Cookie showcases organic strawberry jam that mixes with dark chocolate and milk chocolate, cocoa powder, along with a host of other artisanal tidbits. The robust flavors come together like an erotic Tango, dancing in sync, merging the savory and sweet.

But Bang Cookies’ innovation doesn’t stop at the product level. It also extends into logistics to support franchisees.

For example, Bang Cookies leverages technology at its factory to produce fresh dough for franchisees. This innovation means less labor for franchisees and establishes quality control so every customer receives the same mouth-watering experience. As a result, franchisees can focus on baking, local marketing and sales. The new franchise inventory system provides the fresh dough when it’s needed most. The system monitors sales of each franchise and forecasts deliveries on a weekly basis so the process is automated, removing the burden of inventory management.

Bang Cookies Supports Families in Every Community 

With the help of proprietary technology, Bang Cookies is committed to making the world a better place, which helps franchisees establish deep roots in their own communities. The company has established a fundraising platform that supports the heart of any community, including public schools, youth sports and nonprofits. 

To date, Bang Cookies has launched more than 100 fundraisers, sharing 40% of top-line revenue with the community. The company has generated more than $1 million in total sales from this ongoing community initiative.

Strengthening public schools is an important part of this charitable endeavor. In addition to the product, Bang Cookies shares its marketing technology to ramp up success. For example, schools launching fundraisers went from selling $800 over six weeks with other products to $15K-$25K in two weeks with Bang Cookies.

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